Our Superior Pest Solution - How it works

We use modern "Adult Airguns" as a form of pest control to exterminate pests from rural areas. This allows a form of population control that is both safe and targeted to minimize the harm of non target species in the area that is problematic with other viable methods of pest control.

  • After you Contact Us we will schedule a meeting so we may survey your property and make 100% sure our services will meet your needs so you will be completely satisfied.

  • We will let you take a look at our equipment and address any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Next we schedule a time that will be convenient and most beneficial to your pest situation.

*Note* Our services our free but if we feel our form of pest control may not be best suited to your needs we will have to recommend another pest control specialist.
Air Support Pest Control Mid Michigan Map outline

 Areas we cover are in red *Approximate*

To keep our services free we operate within a 50 Mile Radius of our location in Mid Michigan and operate during the normal hunting seasons set forth by the Michigan DNR if you have questions whether or not we can help you at this time of the year please check our Pests page or feel free to Contact Us.

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